Free Online Dua, Nori ilm

Masnoon Duain
Prayers have major role in our daily lives and the importance of the prayers in Islam cannot be understated. It is the first pillar of Islam that the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, mentioned after mentioning the Testimony of Faith, by which one becomes a Muslim. “And I have chosen you, so listen to that which is inspired to you. Verily, I am God! There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship Me and offer prayer perfectly for My remembrance.” (Quran 20:13-14)
When the prayer is performed in gatherig, it built a brotherhood, equality and humility between Muslims. The worshippers stand in rows, shoulder to shoulder, without any distinction of race, nationality, colour, wealth, family or status, and all pray together as one body. This act of unity helps demolish all barriers which stand between men.
Noori Ilam
Some people do not accept that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has been blessed by Allah Ta’ala with Ilm-e-Ghayb (knowledge of the unseen). “Ghayb” is that hidden thing which cannot be perceived by human senses nor can be known through human wisdom.
The Ahle Sunnah wal Jama’at believes that The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) after being informed to by Allah Ta’ala is aware of everything that happened and will happen. The Holy Quran has mentioned Ilm-e-Ghayb in several verses and has declared that this knowledge one of the attributes of Allah.”Say thou,(O Muhammad )! The knowledge of unseen belongeth unto Allah alone.”(Surah Yunus,10:20) See also Surah Ana’m 6:59; Surah Baqarah, 2:33; Surah HUD 10:31. The Holy Quran has mentioned at various places that Allah Ta’ala has granted the knowledge of Unseen to His exalted Prophets. See Surah Baqarah,2:31;Surah Baqarah2:251; Surah Naml,27:16; Surah Ambiya, 21:74; Surah Yusuf,12:68; Surah yusuf,12:96; Surah Qasas,28:14.

To get rid of sorrow of both worlds one should read this dua.

wazifa to get rid of sorrow

Wazifa For betterment in sustenance, Rizq and wealth

Recite the following du-a’a 1000 times at midnight for removal of poverty and increase in sustenance.

rizq dua

Free Online Dua, Nori ilm

Read this wazifa 321 times daily after Esha Prayer imagine the enemy during reading.

start this wazifa from Saturday or from Tuesday

waazifa to save from enemy

Wazifa to get back lost goods

If some one has lost or some goods or it has been stolen then then he/she should read “Ya Hafeezo” 119 times and read the Dua on left 119 times and pray for the lost or stolen things.

wazifa for lost things

Wazifa For Love in Husband & Wife

For the love & unity in Husband & wife this wazifa is very useful.


Wazifa For Love Marriage

For love marriage or nikah please recite this wazifa 1200 times after Esha Prayer for 12 days continuously.

wazifa for love

 Wazifa for Aulad Wazifa for childless people

wazifa for children

Wazifa and Dua to cure from Evil Eye or Nazr e bad

nazar e bad wazifa

Nori ilam ka karishma har kam may heran  kun kamyabi abhi hasil karein.
Gold medalist aamil m s jaferi 0092-324-4544864 is world’s no. 1 famous guru.Free online zaicha …free online online wazifa…free online amliyat…ALL is done with the help of the Holy Book QURAN. Agar aap kisi bhi masle ka shikar hainKhawa wo bachon ki shadi ka masla ho, apnay mehboob ko hasil kerna ho, roothay huway mehboob ko manana, dil pasand shadi kerna ho, ya khawahish ho kay flan jaga say shadi ka purposal khud aye.
Dushman mohabbat ki nazron say dakhey. Dushmani mohabbat ma badal jaye. Ghar ma nachaki khatam ho.
karobar ma azafa ho.
Ghar ma khushyain ayein .
Iss k elawa koi bi masla yah pareshani ho, baghar kisi khaof or pareshani kay hal karwain or munn ki murad paein.
Note : Har kam bazareya Nori Ilam se kia jata hai, sifli or kale ilam ki kaat or palat k maahir Professor M S JAFERI se abhi rabta karein.
Kia ap aane wale waqat ko behter toor per janna chahte hain? Badqismati jo ap kay mustaqbil kay raaste me hail he,aksar aadmi jab musibat ke chakkar me phasjata ha to wo faisla nahi kar sakta kay is ka kiya sabab ha jis ki waja se musalsal musibat aa rahe hein.Allah pak ne aadmi ko ilme tad beer ata farmaya ha.isi ilam se hum ap ki rehnumai karte hain.zaicha me dilchaspi le ye ap ki zati zindagi ka raaz apne andar posheda rakhta ha.kale jado ka toor jado tona,kala ilam,sifli amliyat,beer kalwa ki choki or guddaa massaan kay bad asraat ko jar se khatam kar dene kay liye abhi rabita karee.pur asar mohabbat kay amliyat o taveezat tamam dunyawi masail ka mustanid hal,rozgaar,malihalat,saffar,shadi,aoulaad,sehet,position,mohabbat,nafrat,hazri matloob,taraqi,sar bulandi,hasool rizaq,amraaz waghera jese tamam masail ka fori or mustanid hal karwane k liye abhi rabita karee. Seena ba seena muntaqil honee wale sar basta mehboob or matloob ko musakhar o dewana banane or dil ko mooh lene wale nori amliyat.Note: (her kaam mukamal guranty or 100% razdari say kia jata ha)


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