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What is the meaning of Istikhara and why we do Istikhara?

When you are unclear of your decision, whether you take it or not, you are uncertain then you do istikhara.

The word istikhara mean “seeking the guidance from Allah what is best for you”. According to prophet Muhammad SAW: we must perform istikhara when we have a choice in our life ant to make a major decision of our life.

Online Istikhara:

What is the purpose of online istikhara?

The reason of online istikhara is help you give a fast and easy service at home. nobody can deny the importance of istikhara it is the need of every person. The concept of online istikhara create misunderstanding in Muslim society. Istikhara itself tell us that, it is the help and goodwill from the Allah.

For better result you must do istikhara three to seven time daily at specific time, mostly people do istikhara after Isha prayer, for istikhara there is not and fast boundary line you must do it after any prayer, but it is better do it after Isha prayer.  When you perform you must have complete believe on Allah almighty. During the days of istikhara you must focus on your goal. You can also contact us for online istikhara facility.

The Protection and Method of Istikhara

  • Protection:
  • You must have to be neat and clean because cleaning is half of Imaan.
  • neat your place for prayer.
  • Prepare ablution.
  • Open your prayers or jay Namaz.
  • You must be focused on the purpose of istikhara.
  • You must have solid believe on Allah almighty decision.
  • Istikhara method:
  • After Isha prayer pray two istikhara Nawafill.
  • In first Rakat after surah Fatiha recite the Surah-al-Kafirun and in second Rakah read surah-ul-Ikhlaas.
  • Recites istikhara supplication when you pary the Nawafill.

After recite the Dua istikhara, you must send blessing in Hazrat Muhammad SAW in the form of Durood before and after any request to the Allah almighty for direct conclusion of prayers. You must sleep in the state of ablution and keep its face towards Qibla and it is the way of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Benefit of Istikhara:

When a person makes istikhara then he come close to Allah almighty. the blessed angel of Allah, the high-ranking are the only creatures that are very near to Allah almighty, but a person on earth please to him after making up one’s sleep. Allah almighty highly appreciates this achievement, listen to its demand, and tells is heavenly messenger about that particular individual.

Istikhara is a form of request, it cleans our heart and soul and bring close to Allah almighty. May Allah almighty gives us will and desire to understand the importance of this istikhara prayer from it’s a more meaningful manner! Ameen!.

Istikhara Dua

Istikhara ka Tarikha:

Jub koi musalman faysla kr raha hota h usay chahye k wo Allah ki rahnumai or bhalai hasil kr k faysla kray, kunkay ye to Allah hi janta h hmaray liye kia acha hay or kia bura h. ager ap kisi bhi faslay k baray may mutmain na ho to ap ko chahye k ap istikhara krain ya krwain ,kun kay istikhara se hmain allah pak ki rahnumai milti h. istikhara aik powerfull tool h jo hmain btata h k Allah pak hmaray is fayslay main razi hain ya nai. Istikhara se hm allah ki marzi k mutabik faysla kr sktay hain.

Hmain allah se poray yakeen k sath dua krni chahye or hmain dua krnay k bad baychain nai hona chahye , hm allah ko time table par nai daltay, hm dua krnay k bad nishaniyoun or mojzay ki umeed nai rukhni chahye , ye sb thk nai h hmain sirf allah se dua krni chahye, woi hmain seadha rasta dekhaye ga .hmain yakeen rukhna chahye allah ne hmain suna h or is ka jawab dain gay.

Hadees main hay sayyed jabir bin Abdullah bayan krtain hain k hazrat Muhammad SAW hmain istikhara ka tarika sikhatay thay, istikhara ka matlb h allah se kisi kam k baray main thk tarhn hidayat krna ha. Jis tarhn hmain taleem di hay.

Quran main hay tm main se jb bhi koi kisi kam krnay ka irada kray usay chahy ka wo namaz k bad 2 rakat nafal parahy pahli rakat main surat fatiha k bad surah kafiroun or dosri main surah ikhlas parhay phr istikahara dua krain.

Istikhara Dua krtay wkt hmain apnay maksad par focus krna chahye ,yahn par note krnay ki zarorat ye hay k kisi ko istikharay ka jawab khawb or ahsasaat main nai milta bulkay inkashafaat se milta hay, hmain hr hal main allah par bharosa krna chahye . jb tk ap allah par bharosa nai krain gay tbt k ap apnay maksad main kamyab nai ho sktay.

Allah pak ne Ms Jaferi ko free istikhara k zarye ap k jawabat or ap k masail ko hul krnay k liye rahnumai ki h. jaferi sahb ap k hr kisam k masail ko hulk rain gay or ap k obtain gay k aya k kaam thk hay k nai. INSHALLAH..!